A la Carte Services

Our a la carte menu of services is for individuals who want or need to minimize their legal expenses. These individuals may feel comfortable handling aspects of their legal matter on their own, but want reassurance that they are moving forward correctly. However, they do not want to risk of hiring non-attorneys to help them with their family law matters.


What are Unbundled Legal Services?

Unbundled legal services, also known as limited-scope services, are legal services that are offered in parts. In the alternative, “bundled” legal service refers to full-scope or full legal representation for your entire family law matter. An attorney offering unbundled legal services makes it possible and financially practical for an individual to receive vital legal assistance without the financial burden of paying for full representation.


A la carte Legal Services

Consultations—Initial and Follow-up
Emails or Phone (up to 15 minutes) No Charge
By Phone Call (by video or in-person conferencing) $100.00
Initial Comprehensive Consultations/Evaluations (1 to 2 hours) $350.00 – $700.00
Legal and Court Coaching
1 Hour by Phone $200.00
1 Hour by Skype $350.00
Document Review (documents not prepared by Talbott + Kim) $350.00/hr
Preparation of Legal Documents by Talbott + Kim Flat Fee/Varies
Flat Fee Packages
Quick Divorce (Summary Dissolution; Document preparation & review, and 1.5 hours max. of advice/coaching) $1,000.00
Friendly Divorce (Uncontested, But Not Summary Dissolution; Document preparation & review*, and 5 hours max. of advice/coaching) $3,500.00
Contested Divorce (No agreements at onset; Document preparation & review*, and 8 hours max. of advice/coaching) $5,000.00
Paternity Help (Initial Paternity Orders and/or Judgment; Modifications & Coaching) $2,000–3,000*
Prenuptial Agreements (Preparation or Review of Prenuptial Agreement) $1,500–$3,500**
Post-nuptial Agreements (contracts made during the marriage typically regarding community or separate property including transmutations) $500-$1,500**

*The Limited-Scope Retainer will delineate the specific tasks included, and excluded, in this package, including but not limited to the specific documents that will be prepared and/or reviewed.

**Price depends on complexity of issues. Flat-fee will be quoted after consultation with client.


Description of Services


A consultation is a conference between an individual and Ms. Talbott or Ms. Kim. The purpose of the consultation is to discuss, analyze, and diagnose the individual’s legal situation. The minimum goal of a consultation is to assist the individual with making an informed decision regarding their next step in connection with their legal issue. Consultations also help the individual to determine their legal rights and to assess what follow up is needed, if any, with their situation. In the Comprehensive Consultation, we will provide enough information for the individual to address their immediate needs with step-by-step instruction. This is not just an information gathering consultation. You will leave with your legal and procedural questions answered.

Types of Consultations:

  • 15-Minute Consultation by Email & 30-minutes by Phone: To determine if further counseling or coaching is needed.
  • One to Two-Hour Comprehensive Consultation: To undertake complete analysis of the individuals situation—to determine if further follow-up and/or legal coaching is needed.

Legal and Court Coaching

Coaching sessions are available after an initial consultation has been provided by Ms. Talbott or Ms. Kim. Coaching sessions are more intensive than general consultations. Coaching sessions vary depending on the type of legal situation and services requested by the individual.

Document Review

Talbott + Kim can assist individuals by reviewing their legal documents and documents prepared by third parties. Ms. Talbott or Ms. Kim will be able to carefully explain the legal terms and legal significance of the documents in order to assist the individual with making an informed decision regarding their legal situation and/or to assist the individual with ascertaining if follow-up is needed. This is charged on an hourly basis so that you don’t pay more than is necessary to review your documents and receive feedback.

Document Preparation

For individuals needing preparation of legal documents, Ms. Talbott and Ms. Kim can help prepare various types of documents for a reasonable price. Non-attorneys do not prepare these documents. Contact Talbott + Kim to find out the options and prices.

Flat-Fee Pricing Means No Surprises!

We understand that no one wants to purchase something (online or otherwise) that does not have a price. Therefore, Talbott + Kim always provides you with your flat fee quote upfront, before you become a client. We also offer a variety of divorce packages including the Quick Divorce, for summary-dissolution divorces, the Friendly Divorce for divorces that are uncontested and do not qualify for summary dissolution, and the Contested Divorce. For people who have children with someone they did not marry, we also offer Paternity Help.